Creative Community Responses

In this project we used heritage as a starting point to explore with local people what is special and distinctive about Brierley Hill – both in the way it looks and historical memories associated with the town.

Through arts-based workshops, reminiscence sessions, events, and talking to people on the streets, the communities who live in and visit Brierley Hill were invited to reflect on the past, talk about the present and share their aspirations for the future of the town. 

We have produced a publication called Understanding Brierley Hill. It is a collection of community responses gathered during the Brierley Hillness project and features original creative writing, audio transcripts of oral history, photographs and artwork. We also present statistics gathered through survey work, and the opinions of people who have associations with the town.

Understanding Brierley Hill A Creative Community Response (PDF version) TEXT ONLY VERSION Understanding Brierley Hill (Word). You can browse the contents of the publication in these Creative Community Responses pages.

Why not respond to the theme of Brierley Hillness and upload your own creative work.


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