We ran arts and crafts workshops with a variety of groups during the project. Below is a selection of the work that was produced.

Children were encouraged to write words they would like to use to describe Brierley Hill in the future around their handprint pictures.  

A tree collage was created using the participant’s handprints as leaves and displayed in the Artspace shop window.

Taylor-Bea created a postcard to send to a friend.

On the back she wrote:

Wish you were here. I love Brierley Hill. I went down the del park. I went on the fair. The Waltzers = 3x  Triller = 2x  Biby Limits = 3x  Crooked cottage  = 1x  I loved it!

B.T.W. I saw some horses cantering down the high street by the community centre.

Lots of love Tay XXX”

Children aged between 2 and 8 contributed their artwork to this collage which show many of the distinctive features of Brierley Hill: Chapel Street Flats, Marsh Park and The Markets.

Lucy Wood drew this picture of the Brier Rose to sum up Brierley Hillness.

Does this artwork inspire you to get creative?

Please send in digital photos or scans of original artwork you produce which is inspired by Brierley Hill. We can add it to this site!


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