Age UK’s “Brierley Hilliness”

The Age UK Drama Group, based at Merry Hill, used transcripts of the 25 street interviews conducted in the Brierley Hillness project as inspiration for an original piece of drama – entitled “Brierley Hilliness.”

Written by Fran Cartwright and Carol Duke with support from Mike Tinsley and members of the drama group, “Brierley Hilliness” gives voice to some of the ideas and opinions of the street interviewees through dramatic expression.

Brierley Hilliness – Age UK from Jonathan Lee on Vimeo.

Filmed and edited by James Reader.

Click here for an insight into what inspired writers Fran Cartwright and Carol Duke to write the piece

Actors, Linda Nash and Mike Tinsley discuss the inspiration for their characters and how the script took shape:

Learn about Age UK’s devising process.
Read extracts from the script.

Have you got a filmed performance about Brierley Hill that you’d like to keep on this site?

Please send a DVD or link to web storage and we can add it in!


3 Responses to Age UK’s “Brierley Hilliness”

  1. nicola roden says:

    well done everyone good job exellent job, cant wait to join you in 11 yrs all the best nicola roden.linda nash daughter. xxxx

  2. I work for age uk and was there during the filming of this, and i’d just like to make a correction. This story was actually written by Fran and Carol not ‘Gail Duke’

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