Comments by Local People

Below are a selection of comments made by local which are relevant to our theme of Brierley Hillness. Many are aspirations for Brierley Hill in the future.

These have been taken from street interview transcripts and comments made on feedback forms and questionnaires:

 “Make the high street more attractive, to make people want to shop there more. At the moment nothing makes me want to go there as it looks very run down and miserable.” Parent of child attending Withymoor Primary School

“Brierley Hill is steeped in memories, definitely, and it’s steeped in history, and it’s just that we’ve got to keep that image in the town if we can.” Street Interview 2011 

 “I would like Brierley Hill to be brought back to a town and not just a few shops. It is mainly food takeaways and it has lost its character. I have lived there all my life and it’s really sad to see the deterioration of it. It has been made worse by the new by-pass”. Parent of child attending Withymoor Primary School

“It’s our history and our history shouldn’t be swept under the carpet because of modernisation or anything else. Our history can still play a part in the present.” Street Interview 2011

“I would like Brierley Hill to be bought back to a town, and not just a few shops.”Parent of child from Withymoor Primary School

“With the young children of today…if there are no buildings left to show them this is what was, how are they going to know?” Street interview 2011

“We’d like to see a range of useful shops e.g. hardware and greengrocers. Not designer label shops that would compete with Merry Hill. Plenty of low-cost/free car parking.” Parent of child at Blanford Mere Primary School

“It may never recover what it was, but at least get some of it back and make it more attractive for shoppers.” Street Interview 2011

“It would be nice if Brierley Hill was dressed up a bit so more people would be happy to come and spend the day shopping here, rather than look at it as if it is a dirty scruffy place.”   Street Interview 2011

“Brierley Hill needs drastic renovation and would benefit from better and easier links to Merry Hill.” Parent of child from Belle View Primary School

“I have lived in Brierley Hill practically all my life (56 years) and have watched it deteriorate over the years. It is really sad to see… I strongly feel it has no future unless we act now. Your last scene commented on new buildings and not to dwell on the old. We have some lovely old buildings that need preserving and some bringing into the 21st century. It is not good building new places when we could update some of the old ones. To revamp and keep it clean and looked after.” Audience Member, One Boy. One Town. One Big Idea!


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