Brierley Hill

Brierley Hill Town Centre


Situated at the heart of Dudley Borough, Brierley Hill has plenty to offer from wallet-busting shopping opportunities to a relaxing canal side dining experience. Brierley Hill is home to the famous Merry Hill Centre, bringing all the big name stores under one roof for an unbeatable day’s shopping. Add this to the town’s bustling High Street and three indoor markets and you can see the appeal Brierley Hill holds for the serious shopaholic! To read more…visit

Take a tour around Brierley Hill Town Centre (including Merry Hill, Waterfront and High Street)


A History of Brierley Hill

Brierley Hill lay in the parish of Kingswinford, though technically it was never in a medieval township, being part of the wilderness of Pensnett Chase. The place-name Brierley Hill consists of three words of Anglo-Saxon origin. Brer meaning the place where the Briar Rose grew, leah meaning a woodland clearing and Hill meaning – what it does today. To read more…visit




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