Project Archive & Toolkit

Project Archive: a living creative space

We have created this site to document the Brierley Hillness project and showcase the creative work produced to a wider audience.

We also hope that it creates a way for the project to continue; and that this site becomes a living space for the community and schools to share creative work, memories and thoughts about Brierley Hill; past, present and future.

At the same time we hope that the site is also a place to find evidence which can be used to inspire and influence the regeneration process, cultural learning and future arts and heritage projects in the town.

Here, Project Manager Suzanne Carter introduces the Community Engagement Toolkit and Project Archive:


The Power of Culture!

The Community Engagement Toolkit part of this site is based on the project case study and is aimed at professionals working in regeneration or town planning, but may be useful for anyone looking to engage and consult with communities using arts and heritage.

We hope that the lessons we have learnt through this project will enthuse and support other professionals working in regeneration areas to approach consultation in a creative way – the benefit of which is a well-articulated, imaginative and inspiring response.

What will you get from this site?

Who is this site for?


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