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  1. Felicity Avery says:

    My grandfather Phillip Rowland Rudge was born on 3/3/1887 in Windmill Hill, Cradley to True Ann Rudge (nee Harris) and William Rudge and in 1905 he attended Brierley Hill teachers training centre. I have a photo of him with the other students who attended the centre. On graduating he moved to Kent where he eventually became a headmaster. I assume this training centre does not exist but would like any information on it if you have any please.
    Also, I have a record of his uncle on his mother’s side, Joseph Chivers (born 1826 in Cradley Heath), stabbing to death David Taylor, age about 21 on the turnpike road near the lower end of Quarry Bank, Brierley Hill on 10th March 1856. David Taylor’s body was found lying in the road and taken to the New Inn, High Street, Quarry Bank (I understand this pub still stands today). Also involved in the affray were his brother Josiah and father (also named Josiah) but they were not convicted. Joseph Chivers was convicted of manslaughter and transported to Australia for a 15 year term for the crime. The first article on the murder appeared in the Worcestershire Chronicle on 12th March 1856, page 3 but was also reported in the 17th March edition of Daily News newspaper, London. Further subsequent reports appeared in the Hampshire Advertiser on 22nd March 1856, pages 2-3 and the Preston Guardian on 26th July 1856. Details of his committal appeared in the Worestershire Chronicle on 19th March 1856. Were you aware of this murder?

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