The Brierley Hillness project ran from 11 January until 30 June 2011, although the majority of the participatory activity, events and survey work were finished by the end of April.

Below are statistics related to participation and indirect engagement through attendance at public events. All community contributors were asked to fill in a registration form so we could compile this data. We do not have completed forms from school children who were involved, but we do know the number of children who took part and their ages; we have included this information where appropriate.

Sample template for Contributor Registration Form

Direct Engagement and Participation

During the project over 360 local people of all ages contributed in some way to our understanding of Brierley Hillness; 70% of these people participated in a creative learning activity. Participants were also involved in reminiscence and street interviews.

Find out about our community collaborations

A more detailed breakdown (compiled from 361 contributor registrations):

  • 27% (98) of people took part in a ‘one off’ creative workshop
  • 43% (155) were involved in two or more workshops
  • 20% (71) of people were interviewed in the street
  • 10% (37) of people shared their stories, photographic images and memories.

Indirect Engagement

  • We reached 380 people through public events.

 Survey Work

 We involved a further 274 people in some type of survey work.



Through our Brierley Hillness work we have engaged with over 1000 people and got them thinking and talking about Brierley Hill; either through encouraging their creative expression, presenting representations of the town to them, or canvassing their thoughts and opinions about the town.

Throughout the process we have included a focus on the historic environment and heritage and hopefully raised awareness about the historic buildings and landscapes of the town.


  1. Age Ranges (333 out of 361 known – representing 92% of contributors)
  • 51% (171) aged under 16
  • 10% (32) aged 16-24
  • 10% (31) aged 25-44
  • 14% (45) aged 45-65
  • 16% (54) 65+

2. Residency (postcode analysis. 194 out of 239 registrations – representing 81% of community contributors).

  • We do not have postcode information about the children we worked with through schools. However, three of the five schools were located in Brierley Hill. The other two local schools would have served children from Brierley Hill. We can make assumptions that the majority of children who participated live in Brierley Hill. Statistics below are based on evidence we have available:
    • 60% (117/194)  of contributors live in Brierley Hill ward – indicating DY5 and DY6 postcodes
    • 30% (58/194) of contributors live in the wider Dudley Borough – indicating DY1-4, 7-9, 11 postcodes
    • 10% (18/194) of contributors live outside Dudley Borough – including B17, B30, B63-67, WV3, 4 and 14.



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